Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Wore Clothes Today!

There were no water-related activities in my schedule today, so I went ahead and dressed up. Just for the record, I think I was the best-dressed person in Wal-Mart today...victory! This is partly thanks to my buddies (including Amber from I Heart Colorado), who snagged this sweater from the 3rd Annual Great Graduate Girls Clothing Swap a while back. Thanks, gals!

I have been so inspired by all of the blogger posts about trips and vacations. I think it's high time my husband and I took a little day trip. It's time to get out and explore... Did you all see Ashley's post at I Believe In Unicorns? I am jealous (enough to mention it here) that she got Thrifty's ice cream, which is the best ice cream on the planet. It makes me think: what wonderful things are waiting for me on a day trip?

Sweater: Gap (swapped), Cami: Gap, Short: Gap Outlet, Shoes: Born (thrifted), Sunnies: Smith, Purse: Antonio Melani (consignment), Necklace: made by me
I have really short, manly nails. But sometimes, I feel just feminine enough to paint 'em up. Today was one of those days. Three bucks later (seriously, nail polish can cost $12 now?) and I'm feeling very pretty indeed.


  1. Way to match your nails with your necklace. Love the pop of color. :) I should paint mine more often, but it only stays on for about 24 seconds. You might have motivated me to give it a try though!

  2. Ah yes. Wal-mart fashion. There's something about Wal-mart where you just don't feel the need to dress appropriately. In fact, pretty sure the last time I was there I was wearing cut-off sweat pants, some random t-shirt that was two sizes too big for me, Chucks and my hair was a hot mess. Of course I ran into like three people I knew. But you are way over-dressed for Wal-mart. And I meant that as a compliment.

    Ok for real, loving that necklace! Look at you being all creative and crafty and making stuff. Oh and I love that orange (coral?) polish. I have some on right now too. It's so much fun.

  3. Love the coral nail polish! That color looks great one you, I'm thinking I may need to pick it up myself... :)


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