Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teachers Who Lunch

I got to ditch school today in order to go to a conference in the big city (i.e. Colorado Springs). A day away from work says one thing to me: Jeggings! Obviously. Well, that and a lunch out. Unfotunately, my group choose an unispired restaurant - Souper Salad - in leiu of a fun Thai place. Oh well, my husband and I will go back later. But it felt so naughty to be out in the world having lunch when I should be holed up in a teacher's lounge. Freedom!

Can I just mention that Kristen Chenoweth's character on GLEE was drinking the same Cupcake wine that I featured on my blog last weekend?! Amazing!

Shirt: GAP Favorite Tee, Vest: Faded Glory (yeah, that's from Wal-Mart) (thrifted), Jeggings: New York & Company (consignment), Boots: Miz Mooz, Necklace: Vintage (stolen from Mom)
I tried the ratting / messy hair / bobby pins look today and really liked it. Go hair spray!


  1. Love it! My school is pretty casual so I can get away with jeggings on most days! I love the locket!

    Sabrina Says

  2. Great hair. Mom/Linda and I always talk about how jealous we are of your hair. And I also love the locket. Such great photos!

  3. Great outfit! But I'll admit that as a teacher (here in Boulder Co) I totally get away with jeggings on a regular boots. Tall boots and long shirts help of course! :)


  4. Say what! That's my locket. (Glad you have it.)


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