Friday, May 20, 2011

BDIB Challenge: Menswear Prep

Bloggers Do It Better...and earlier in the morning, too.

I was very nervous about participating in this challenge, but I am really trying to stretch myself. So, I pulled out one of my husband's ties (the only thing that could possibly fit me), and put on my newly thrifted chambray shirt. (The luck of the Goodwill was on my side - it's the exact one that I've been thinking of making the trip to Target for!)

This outftit, however, got more "ooh, that's cute!"s than any one I've worn in a while. Even men were commenting on my tie, and they usually never notice when I wear heels or a cute skirt.

Shirt: Merona (thrifted), Vest: Peck & Peck (thrifted), Pants: GAP (thrifted), Tie: George (husband's), Shoes: Keen

This was so much fun to do! I really felt awesome all day, and there's not price you can put on that. (Though my whole outfit probably cost around $10.00.)


  1. That floors me.. your whole outfit for $10.00! I love what you put together. Way to stretch yourself! :)

  2. Love that tie! You are amazing.

  3. Great look for the challenge! I love the colors!

    Live Life in Style

  4. You nailed it. Love the tie with the vest! I was too afraid to participate in this challenge. I could not for the life of me put together anything that looked good. But you did great!


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