Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Forgive Me for Cheating!

I abhor confrontation. I also tend to get very nervous when I've done something wrong, because I believe that people will think less of me.

On that note: I cheated. I used yesterday's post as my first "EBEW" submission. Hear me out! It was a track meet day today and I HAD to wear jeans and my team t-shirt today! My kids (all 55 of them) come before my fashion needs, and they would disown me if I didn't support them on this day...as they should.

So, I am sorry. But it was just yesterday. In China, yesterday was today, so I'm sorta not cheating if I was going off of their time zone. Yeah, that's my excuse.

As penance, here is a picture of me looking really un-fashionable as my dog, Sydney, tries to wriggle away from me. (I was doing a picture as an example for my class. It wasn't working out.) Don't you think she looks like a little fox? Okay, a chubby fox...so cute.

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  1. Wow, this a great picture. Seriously. I love candid shots. :) And MAYBE she looks like a fox. Maybe.


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