Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can You Love a Skirt Too Much?

If you can...this is the one I love. It's a size or two too big, but I usually compensate by wearing a long t-shirt over it. But I was inspired by Keri over at Headlines & Hemlines, where she wrote about her love of the white tee. I figured I could make it work for me, too, and this is the result.

Since we are moving classrooms and basically winding down at school, I thought it was a suitable casual outfit. It totally was. Hope you all are getting ready for a fun-filled summer...I know I am!

Tee: George (WalMart), Skirt: Chadwicks (thrifted), Belt: n/l (thrifted), Shoes: Keen
I've been waiting patiently to use this phone booth for a shoot. It was fun. Too bad the phone didn't actually work. Did you ever think you'd see the day when a public phone would be a novelty? Yeah, me niether.


  1. Wow, I can't even remember the last time I saw a public phone booth. And I adore that skirt! I am so into skirts right now it's ridiculous.

  2. Way to rock the white tee! Love that skirt and belt too! So summery! I need more skirts like yours.

  3. Love that skirt! Love the belt too. Love that photo shoot in the phone booth.

  4. I haven't worn a plain white tee in who knows how long. Thanks for the inspiration! Looks lovely!

  5. okay, you're right. that skirt is bangin'--love it with the belt and t. (there was a time i wore nothing but hanes white t's).

  6. Did you perhaps find this skirt at your favorite thrift store? I love it. And I love your belt! I'm always afraid to wear just a plain white tee. How do you keep it from being too see-through? That is my dilemma! But you rock it sista!


  7. I LOVE this skirt! Beautiful bright pattern and a mid-length. It looks gorgeous on you.




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