Monday, May 9, 2011

Pretty Dressy for a Monday

Only when I pick them out ahead of time do I have the presence of mind to wear a skirt and high shoes on Monday.

I got this shirt at Dressbarn which, I think is kinda older-ladyish (no? yes?), but I was looking for school dress-code-appropriate camis and there it was. And it has sat in my closet for about seven months. It is making its debut thanks to this fabulous belt that I got at the Goodwill this weekend. I think they go together like peanut butter and jelly. The whole outfit makes me want to have a garden party. Also a little old-ladyish...I swear there's a 20-someting inside of me that hates that we had to grow up and wear teacher clothes. She still wants to go clubbing.

Shirt: Dressbarn, Skirt: i.e. (thrifted), Cami: Downeast Basics, Shoes: Kors (thrifted), Earings: n/l, 'Rags' in Boulder
I committed a thrifting faux-pas and bought these shoes even though they look a lot like a pair I already have. But when I put them on, they felt like sliding my feet into silk stockings, the leather is so soft. It would have been criminal not to buy them. Criminal!

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  1. If you throw a garden party, can I come? I have a Dress Barn shirt I can wear, too!

    I'm glad you bought the shoes. They're perfect! Now, quick, go find a pair 10x that size so they''l fit me!

    (P.S. Tell the 20-something inside you to meet the 20-something in me at a dance club in Denver. Come on, it'll be fun. No cosmos, I swear!)

  2. You look so pretty today!!! And aren't thrift stores the best places to find belts? I think so.

  3. It would be wrong to pass up on MK shoes lol You look cute :)

  4. I LOVE that top! When I read Dressbarn I couldn't believe it! Cheers!

  5. I really like this outfit! The shape is great, the colors are great, very light and comfy looking!! You look beautiful!!

  6. yikes -- i don't think it look old ladyish, but that could be because I'm an old lady :-( you look really cute, and ready for anything.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! This outfit is sooo beautiful!

  8. This is really pretty! So much more stylish than most of the teachers I had!

  9. Pretty! I really like the top. :)


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