Saturday, May 7, 2011

What I Wear When I'm Cruising

Today was the best day ever. It is Blossom Festival weekend, which means that there is a parade, a craft fair, music, and a super-awesome 5K run by the river. My run time was a bit slow (first one of the summer season!), but I spent the rest of the day cruising around town on my Vespa, people-watching, and shopping at the(surprisingly empty) Goodwill. All of my favorite things in one day.

I make excuses to go to the store on my motorbike. Today I went for chips. That's right...just chips.

Headband: Goody (great for running and sports!), Shirt: Nike (thrifted), Shorts: Adidas (thrifted), Watch: Timex Ironman Triathlon (have worn them since '96 - love 'em), Shoes: Saucony (not thrifted - that's not a good idea)

Hat: Insight, Shirt: Target, Bermuda Shorts: GAP Outlet, Shoes: Chaco Flips, Sunnies: cheap-o's from who-knows-where, Motorbike: Vespa c/o my Stepmom, Linda (best X-mas present ever! Love you!)
Here's what happens when you beg and plead for four years - you finally wear people down. My step-mom gave me this Vespa (on loan) because I love it so. Sigh. I'm a lucky girl.


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  2. Umm, I'm in love with your Vespa. Totally jealous.

  3. dude - so jealous of that awesome, mint-colored Vespa you have! i dream of owning one. what a fabulous stepmom! (:

  4. That Vespa is perfection, its so beautiful. I've wanted one ever since I saw Deb from Empire Records roll up to the store on one in that movie. I looove the color, its so springy! Congrats on finishing your 5K :)!

  5. I love your Vespa! following you now!
    come check out my blog; our style is very similar - we can def learn from each other.

    xo Nav


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