Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Little Bit of Blue for a Grey Day

We're coming up on the last weeks of school, which means that there is more going on now than ever. Yesterday I spent the whole day at our League Finals meet (not very fashionable, I'm afraid), and it was all I could do to get out of bed and wash my hair today.

This is my comfy outfit. Whenever I wear more than one item of a brand, I have to stop and think that somewhere, a clothing executive is smiling. The only really cool thing I'm wearing today is my new leather bracelet that I got at the craft fair last weekend. I had a hunch that the booth selling handmade leather belts (beautiful but expensive!) may have them too...and then I wouldn't have to pay shipping from Etsy. I was right! If only I would also have bought that pair of overalls with the bottoms cut off and red paisley handkerchiefs sewed on...I could have been Daisy-May's twin.

Shirt: GAP Favorite Tee, Vest: GAP (thrifted), Pants: Eddie Bauer (thrifted), Hat: Element, Scarf: n/l (thrifted), Shoes: Keen, Bag: Billabong
I finally found a sea-blue scarf at the thrift store. I love this color because I think it makes my eyes look blue. What is your "color"?


  1. You look gorgeous in that blue scarf. And I love the bag.

    Ask the Duplex

  2. I love your comfy outfit! It looks very...comfortable! And the blue definitely brings out your eyes. I love green for the same reason - whenever I wear it my eyes pop.

  3. We call that a great thrift find! You look great.

    - Paolo at Eddie Bauer


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