Monday, May 23, 2011

Super Spiffy

This is my, "Mrs. S, are you going to a meeting or something?" kind of outfit. No, I was not going to a meeting. I'm excited that it's warm (hello, bare legs and arms), and I'm even more excited that it's almost summer (is there any better reason to dress up...besides the Royal Wedding?).

I know I am not a very good accessorizer, but this blouse is frilly enough to be an accessory on its own, I think. I bought it at the Banana Republic Outlet in Silverthorne for $8 a few years ago. I was shopping with my brother, and he literally didn't believe me. "How do you find this stuff?" he asked, incredulous. How, indeed.

Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet, Belt: n/l (consignment), Skirt: n/l (vintage / reworked), Shoes: Indigo by Clarks
That is my thinking pose. And don't look at my sock tan. It's embarassing.


  1. That top is a great color and I love the detailing. I'm glad you can go with bare legs--I still can't. Also, I wouldn't have noticed your sock tan if you didn't point it out. (:

  2. That top looks like new. Love it!

  3. You've created such an elegant silhouette with this outfit, I'm loving it!

  4. Pretty pensive for the last week of school, don't you think?! I do love the ruffle on your blouse. And may I say you look stunning in red. Well done friend!

  5. super cute outfit. perfect for work or to go out for a nice dinner al fresco!


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