Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Swear I Washed My Hair

When I want to give myself the gift of 20 extra minutes of sleep in the morning, I shower, braid my hair, and call it good the night before. As you can see, I've really been craving a sleep-in for the last two days straight.

But it was cool because it made me feel like a little mermaid at our school dance tonight. (The theme was "Under the Sea".) My husband and I volunteer to take photos, so here are the test shots before the kids got there. I wore the dress (sans jeans) to the commencement ceremony, then threw on pants so I could run around, pose kids, and snap photos. Ahh, sweet versatility.

Dress: Enfocus Studio (Ross), Jeans: Old Navy (thrifted), Shoes: Keen, Watch: Timex Ironman
I'm pretty sure that the watch is the perfect accessory to this outfit. Nothing says "class" like a waterproof Timex.

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  1. I love timex. You look beautiful here. I would do that braid thing tonight before I go to sleep. I love those curls.


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