Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Are You In For?

Stripes always make me nervous in this county...which boasts about 10 prisons within its boundaries. I don't even think that they really wear the grey and white striped outfits anymore, but it still feels a little...funny. Nevertheless, I love this shirt. It is silky and light, comfy, and was only $2.00.

Because I am a confirmed "thriftaholic", I am joining up with the ladies who created I'm A Thriftaholic (see their button at right). Check it out and gets some great ideas from other ladies who love to buy old and create something new! I can't think of an outfit that I've worn in the last...um, forever, that didn't include at least one thrifted item.

Shirt: BDG. (thrifted), Cami: n/l, Pants: Gap (thrifted), Necklace: gift, Sunnies: Kenneth Cole ($9.99 at Ross!), Shoes: Born (thrifted)
I finally got my husband to take a day off with me tomorrow...whatever will we do? I see a waterfall, gyros, photos, a trip to the Goodwill, gelato, and a trip to the peony farm (that's right, a whole farm of peonies) in my near future. Not necessarily in that order...

Thank you to Jill at Jill's Good Life For Less for the hair tutorial. My curling iron and I have never been happier together.

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