Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Little Evidence

Best day ever! And hardly any photos to show for it. I kept leaving my camera in my car...which makes me a bad blogger, I think. Nevertheless, the day was awesome!

My husband and I drove over to a waterfall that I'd heard about in Manitou Springs. It's called 'Rainbow Falls', but it's more commonly known as 'Graffiti Falls' to the locals. I had a kind of Twin Peaks moment as I was admiring the graffiti and the waterfall at the same time. By no means do I condone (or participate in) defacing nature with paint, but I had to admit that it was all beautiful in a strange, surreal kind of way. Graffiti can be so colorful and beautiful...if some of it weren't so hateful, vulgar, or grammatically incorrect.

After that, we had Greek food (also very colorful), went to the local thrift store (obviously), and grilled up some dinner. Is there anything better?

Shirt: Gant (vintage, thrifted), Shorts: GAP Outlet, Hat: insight, Shoes: Keen, Cami: Downeast Basics
This was supposed to be a "do-anything" outfit. I didn't know how long the hike would be (5 minutes), or where we'd be eating (semi-casual), or what else we'd do (walk downtown) this did it all...and kept my nose from getting sunburned.

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