Friday, June 10, 2011

Don't Believe Me?

I got this shirt at the Goodwill in Old Colorado City (some go for the hip trendy shops, I go for the second-hand treasures) on Monday. It is awesome! For some reason, I'm just all over the silky tops lately. Maybe it's the 90 degree heat... The important thing is that it only cost me $2.00, and I even got to cut the original tags (from The Limited) off! That's right, brand NEW top!

I stole this hairstyle from Misty at An Unpretentious Teacher. She didn't even get mad that I took it! We teachers have to stick together...

Can I just say that I love reading style blogs? I've never been more inspired, enlightened, and encouraged by so many positive women! Thanks (and "hello") to all my new followers - I'm excited to swap ideas and compliments with you! I gather that it's kind of a tradition to have a giveaway when you reach a certain amount...I'll start work on that right away...

Shirt: The Limited (thrifted, seriously), Pants: GAP (thrifted), Cami: Downeast Basics, Necklace: Sundance, Earrings: Kohls, Shoes: Chaco
Yesh, I know the label says $3.99 - but it was green tag day! Fify percent off, baby! (Just for the record, this top was originally $34.99, so that's, like, a lot of percent off. Not a math teacher - Language Arts teacher!)

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