Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten Things You Should Know About Me

4. My husband is amazing.

I am married to a wonderful man who is also, dontcha know, a great photographer. We met seven years ago when he hired me to be a raft guide trainee. As soon as he walked out to meet me, I knew that having him as a boss would be trouble. And trouble it was...four years later I made him mine forever.

We also have two adorable dogs, Peanut and Sydney, who you will no doubt meet later. Between my family, my husband, and my furry little kids, I have a lot of love in my life.

Shirt: Gap Favorite T, Skirt: Gap (thrifted), Tights: WalMart, Socks: WalMart, Boots: Miz Mooz via amazon.com, Belt: Ross (a million years ago), Bag: Sevya (thrifted), Sunglasses: Smith / Ramsey, Earings: Silpada (gift - thanks Dad and Linda!), Bracelet: gift, Ring: Pawn shop
This is my favorite school outfit ever. I bought these boots after seeing them on pretty much every style blogger, and I've never looked back. I feel like I'm channeling Tania from What a Nerd Would Wear. Such a copycat, I am.

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  1. Oh...you have the boots I want! So jealous. I'm a total copycat, too. I can't get dressed without you fashionable bloggers. ;)


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