Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hold the Phone, the Color Green Has Returned!

It's been a long winter in Colorado, and color is just starting to come back. Tulips have bloomed, cherry trees are blossoming, and grass is starting to sprout. I've missed color, and I never knew you could do such a thing.

My husband and I do very little on the weekend that warrants dressing up. Jeans are a staple. Lest you should think that I am simply being lazy, I decided to do an "outdoors" style post. That seems like an oxymoron, and most of the time it is. (There is a reason that I did not do a close-up on my shoes or jacket - they are covered in mud and dog hair, respectively.) Nevertheless, I though you might enjoy some pictures from Grape Creek, near my house. Sometimes, nature is prettier than anything I could put on. (Though I was thinking about stealing some of the color combinations that I've been seeing outside...)

Happy Easter, everyone.

Jacket: North Face Windwall (best jacket ever), Vest: Colombia, Jeans: Gap (thrifted), Shoes: New Balance, Hat: Pistil

By the way, can you spot the fox in the last photo? Adorable. (Hint: He's somewhere in the right-hand side near the middle.)

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  1. You look oh-so-Colorado chic! Love it. And, I think I can see the fox! I'm glad to see someone else's weekend attire contains mud and dog hair. :)


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