Monday, April 25, 2011

Keep It Light

I had planned to wear much cuter shoes with this outfit, but when your husband scrapes ice off of your car window before you leave for work, you know it's not going to be a "cute shoes" kind of day. Bummer.

Nevertheless, I still managed to wear this silk skirt to work and stay warm enough. (If you live in a state that gets below freezing, you should own a slip in every color.) I love this skirt because it was cheap (goooo, thrifting!) and I adore the print. I think it's mis-sized, too, because the tag says that it's a much larger size than I normally wear.

I told my brother that once and his response was, "Uh huh, sure." Boys.

Cardigan: Old Navy (thrifted), Shirt: GAP body, Belt: n/l (thrifted), Shoes: Born, Necklace: Sundance, Skirt: Banana Republic (thrifted), Slip: Vanity Fair (not shown, for obvious reasons)


  1. Thank you for the comments on my blog! It really means a lot when new people stop by and leave a note! I really like your spring time look, even though the weather had to ruin your shoe plans! (I hate when that happens!)
    You look great!

  2. Yes, I did notice that you were wearing a wool beanie. I think you looked totally adorable in it though. Here's the thing...I hate cold weather but I love winter clothes. I just love the layers, I think. So while I am jealous that you still get to wear comfy clothes, I am not jealous that it is still pretty cool there. Also, I really like that necklace. What does the "B" stand for?

  3. Um...I don't own any slips and I live in the same state as you! Epic fail. I must get on that. But you.look.adorable. I'm impressed that you get up at 5am and still look this put together everyday. Seriously, inspiring! Please know that does not go unnoticed. And I would take a stab at what "B" stands for, but I don't want to overstep privacy boundaries. ;)

  4. you look so sleek and pretty. Love the colors with your coloring.
    Thanks for stopping by


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