Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 Things You Should Know About Me

8. I hate confrontation.

It's been fun finding new locations all over my (very small but historically rich) town to take photos. Like today, we went over to the old prison warden's house, which was built in 1901. I so wanted the house to be open because there were bannisters and secret doors all over the place. But alas, it was not. And then we got yelled at for being on "State Property", whatever that means, by a prison guard in a tower. There were no signs anywhere, I tell you. We only scaled a wall and hopped over barbed wire to get on the premises...just kidding. There was no barbed wire involved.

You know you're wearing a nice outfit when a 14 year-old kid says, "You look very nice today." And we're talking about a pretty rough middle-schooler, here. It was a very nice complement. I'll take it. (You should pretty much take any complement you can get from a middle-schooler.)

Dress: WalMart (that's right, on clearance), Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft, Shirt: Gap, Belt: NL (thrifted), Boots: Miz Mooz, Socks: Target, Earings: Vintage (thank you, Kelly!)


  1. =)
    thank you.

    ♥ Love,

  2. Love the socks out of the top of the boots! I wanna make this work for me so bad! xxoo

  3. LOVIN those boots. For realsies! :)

  4. I'm jumping on the boot band-wagon. I REALLY want those boots! And I totally agree that you should accept any complement from a middle-schooler. They're like small children: they have no filter and say whatever comes to their mind...which means they are usually being honest. ;)

  5. Um, well, this is not my fav dress. You have added all the extras to push it up to its highest potential, tho. Don't you love a mom's honesty? YOU, on the other hand look darling! I love your hair longer, too. I love when you do all types of styles with it.


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