Monday, April 11, 2011

10 Things You Should Know About Me

7. My mom says my thighs are "muscular".

As you can probably see, I am not a supermodel. When the whole "skinny jean" thing came out, I shuddered. I still don't really like the idea of making what's below my knees look even smaller than it does in a nice boot-cut silhouette. So, I will definately be embracing the "wide-leg" soon as it hits the Goodwill.

I have had this shirt forever, and I give complete thanks to Tania and Kendi for showing me how to wear it. Again - I never would have done this. It may seem simple and unadorned, but this is a big stretch for me.

There is only one, small head-on shot for this one because my forehead looks huge. If this long hair is going to continue (which it is until I have 10 inches to donate), then I might need some bangs. Thoughts?

Shirt: Gant (vintage, thrifted), Vest: Ann Taylor (thrifted), Jeans: J.A.G. (thrifted), Shoes: Keen

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  1. Very casual and simple, love it. I always believe in just a little jewelry accent of course. I have a darling bracelet to send you. I will get it in the mail today. You will want to highlight it on your blog. Plus, I high-jacked you a couple of vintage pieces from our huge garage sale for the SurviveOars. The hat is so fun, hope I can get it into a box.


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