Saturday, April 16, 2011

10 Things You Should Know About Me

9. I am originally from California.

Though I've lived in Colorado for over six years now, I still miss the Central Coast of California now and then. I miss the Oak Trees and the emerald-green hills. I don't miss the ocean much, as I have traded it for the rolling Arkansas River...where there is nothing that will eat you if you fall in. (Total shark phobia.)

Mostly, I miss my family. I keep in contact with my parents and siblings as best I can, which is why, every so often, my sister (Katie) will be posting on this blog as well. She is 2X more fabulous than I am, and she lives in the LA area, where they don't think a "wedge" is a construction tool.

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

Shirt: Poppy Garden, Pants: Banana Republic (thrifted), Necklace: craft fair, Bracelets: somewhere in Mexico, Ring: pawn shop, Shoes: Dollhouse via Ross

I totally stole this look from Ashley at Nashville Styled. I hope she doesn't mind, because I didn't ask. Isn't that what style blogging is all about? Idea theft? I hope so. 


  1. I totally don't mind! I think you look fabulous! It's the reverse colors in my look! Great idea! :)

  2. Great shoes... I am constantly impressed by the pieces you are pulling out of your closet...xo

  3. Love this look and that color of blouse is so beautiful for our coloring. And the shoes are just so cute. Nice look.


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