Monday, October 31, 2011

Thank Goodness for Good Gifts

That's kind of a tongue twister if you say it fast.

These days, I'm finding that my belly tends to make an appearance every once in a while. No, seriously, many of my shirts aren't long enough and they creep up to expose my delicate white belly. Nobody needs to see that.

Luckily, I have a pregnancy-savvy step-mom who bought me this little gem of a sweater. Ahhh, sweet long length, how I love thee. I was comfy and happy all day long. And that's about all you can ask from a Monday.

Sweater: Liz Lange for Target, Pants: Liz Lange (thrifted), Necklace: gift from Linda, too! Baby Bump: 21w2d
Seventy degrees today and snow on Wednesday? I'll be back in my warm boots by no time.

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