Thursday, October 20, 2011

Maternity, Schmaternity

Have you been to the maternity section of any store lately? Not only is the selection pretty skimpy, but they seem to think that pregnant women suddenly become incapable of recognizing decent prices. Maternity clothes are a rip-off! I went to a few stores, and was appalled at the amount of money that they were charging for silly things like pants with a little extra fabric, or a tank-top that has some ruching on the side. Gimme a break! What's a thrifty girl to do?

Hit the Goodwill and buy two sizes up, that's what. My mom and I found this adorable dress for only $6.99. It looked huge at the time, but belted and dressed up with my (versatile and fun) boots, it looks great! Soooooo comfortable. I love my belly, and I love that I have a new place to rest a belt on, too.

Dress:  GAP (thrifted), Belt: Target, Boots: MizMooz, Earrings: Target, Baby Bump: 19w5d

Ohhhh, the river in autumn...there are not enough days in this short season in which to appreciate you.

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