Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Day of With My Bab(ies)

A few months ago, my "baby" was my darling husband...but he's been replaced. There's a new baby in town, and he's (yes, a "he"!) only 12 ounces big.

We spent the day going to our appointment to meet our baby boy, who spent the entire time showing of to the ultrasound tech. There were kicks and spins, and very, ahem, revealing pose that left nothing to the imagination.

Then we went on a tour of the Rosemount Museum in Pueblo, because we're both history nerds like that. It was gorgeous! I love old homes, and this one was very well furnished. The tour was excellent, especially considering we were the only two there. Then, we had a delicious lunch at the Carriage House - very cool as it is the original storage place for the carriages and cars of the mannor house.

This may have been my best day ever. I know I keep saying that, but it continues to be true.

Shirt: M.S.S.P. , Cami: Downeast Basics, Jeans: Liz Lange Maternity (thrifted), Sweater: vintage (thrifted), Shoes: Keen, Bag: Fossil ($25 at a super sale at Dillards!), Bracelet: craft fair, Necklace: made by me
It doesn't get any better than this... but I know it will.

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