Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rain, Rain...Stay Here!

We are about 6" below our average for the year...and we only get about 6", so that's bad. So, I am happy that it's raining. My stellar photographer, who I pay in hugs (my husband), was able to get some good photos as we hid under an overpass.

I loved my outfit today because it has such fun colors. (Incidentally, the kids loved my scarf. One girl said that she "almost bought one like that at Rue 21". Dang, I probably paid more.) And I love this skirt more than I love...I don't know, tacos.  I got it at Oasis when I lived in Nottingham and worked perilously close to the downtown mall. I will never part with it. And neither will I part with the pink canvas motorcycle jacket that I bought there but never wear. I still love it.

Skirt: Oasis, Shirt: GAP outlet (for $6!), Scarf: Dillards (super 50% off sale for $7), Earrings: Target, Shoes: KEEN
Are you ready for fall? I am...I miss my boots.

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