Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hangin' in there...

I know, I many excuses, so little time. Do you want to hear them anyway? Top ten reasons I haven't posted lately:

1. Only a small percentage of my clothes fit right now.
2. Even my shoes are too small!
3. Though it's staying lighter's still dark when my photographer gets home from work.
4. Okay, I may only have four good ones.

Nevertheless, here is a post just to keep you from abandoning me forever. It actually warmed up to about 70 degrees yesterday, and I was so excited that I brought out my last fitting skirt and a pair of sandals. Joy!

Here's me looking only moderately stylish, very pale, and very pregnant:

Top: Motherhood Maternity, Skirt: Old Navy, Shoes: Chacos, Necklace: Target, Baby bump: 38 weeks

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stuck on Stripes

I don't know why, at my heaviest every (except for maybe those first few months of college), I am stuck on wearing horizontal stripes. I just like them! They may add a few pounds to my already-water-retaining frame, but I don't care.

Weekends in January are for being lazy, taking walks, and reading all about what life is going to be like in another six weeks. There's not much cause lately to really dress up. So, while my outfit may be a tad on the boring side, I am posting it because...well, I just want you to know I'm alive and not wearing a mumu...yet.

Shirt: Old Navy maternity, Jeans: Old Navy maternity (thrifted), Baby: 34 weeks

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seven Months!

Ahhh, weekends. Today was "get out of town" day, and my husband and I drove 45 miles upriver to the tiny town of Salida, CO. It's strange to me that a town like Salida, which is pretty remote, can be so much cooler than my town. There are yoga studios (we have none), ethnic restaurants (we have Mexican and Chinese), artists' shops (we have perma-garage sales), and funky craft stores (we have one quilt shop).

It was fun to peruse the downtown area and eat at a Cambodian cafe. I had the pho, which is pronounced "fuh" for those of you who are not in the I was about five hours ago. It was delicious.

I'm wearing the same ol' stuff lately, and this is my favorite shirt and pair of pants. They fit well, show of my adorable (and very round) baby bump, and can be work for work or weekend. That's my idea of a "cute" outfit these days.

Shirt: Old Navy Maternity, Vest: Old Navy (thrifted), Pants: Ross, Shoes: Keen
On the way home, we stopped to take a short hike to this super-cool (no pun intended) icefall. Ah, the joys of winter. Short, chilly, hikes and bowls of warm soy-infused soup. There's nothing better.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beautiful Day

Happy day after Boxing Day! (Will the holidays just stretch on forever, please?) We had a beautiful day with friends today, and it was nice to actually get dressed up and get out of the house.

I am loving my new socks, this fab print dress that I got at the goodwill, and this belt that used to wrap 1.5 times around my waist, but now needed a new hole veeeerrrry close to the end. Also please notice my lovely 'B' necklace (a gift from my dear husband) from Two Little Doves - an etsy shop. I love it! (Thanks, Liz Lemmon for the idea.)

Cardigan: Old Navy (thrifted), Dress: Ellen Tracy (thrifted), Belt: NL (thrifted),
Socks: NL, Necklace: Two Little Doves, Tights: Wal-Mart, Boots: Miz Mooz (
Tank: Old Navy Maternity

May you all have a wonderful week and a fabulous New Year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Alive!

But burried under 5" of unexpected snow! Winter has been mild so fact, we had temps up to 62 degrees yesterday. But, Colorado weather is a fickle friend, and we recieved a nice snow storm yesterday. How am I staying warm through all the snow and freezing temps? Layers and boots. Lots of layers and lots of boots. Hopefully, I'll even wear my new boots tomorrow and give you a peek at what Keen is offering this year - they are so nice.

Shirt: Gap, Tunic: Tanuja (thrifted), Leggings: Wal-Mart, Boots: MizMooz (,
Earrings: Dillards, Scarf: Thrifted

As you can see, my most prominent "accessory" is getting bigger and bigger every week. We're now at 28, and I'm loving every day. I promise I've been wearing cute outfits (despite only about 1/10 of my wardrobe actually fitting me), but the lack of light has made taking photos virtually impossible. I know, I know... excuses.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Colors

Forty percent humidity today, and a high of 67 degrees in my classroom. Needless to say, it's been a bit cold lately. In fact, my fingers were turning a lovely shade of blue by the time this little photo shoot ended!

I am really enjoying the challenge  of finding outfits to wear with my new shape. I tend to think that my belly looks like a spring tulip in this sweater. The skirt is courtesy of my lovely sister who is, I'm afraid, about two sizes smaller than I am. This might be the last time I wear this skirt, too. Sigh. Time to hit the local Goodwill for some more preggo pants.

Sweater: Target (thrifted), Cami: Old Navy, Skirt: gift, Shoes: KEEN, Belt: Target, Earrings: Silpada (gift)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Red Noses Go With Everything!

This was a hurried shoot, because nobody wants to see my parka every day. (Actually, I love my parka. It's from L.L. Bean and it's my favorite jacket ever...but it's not super fun to photograph every day.)

We had a two-hour delay today due to five inches of unexpected snow. Southern Colorado can be a little unpredictable - go figure. Nevertheless, my day was made better by the fact that I made up this new outfit. I've finally procured a pair of navy pants, which I think went well with my thrifted mustard sweater. I know, we were doing mustard last season...but I'm slow to catch up. And the thrift stores are slow(er) to absorb last season's cast-offs.

Sweater: Forever 21 (thrifted), Pants: Bella Vida (maternity pants from Ross), Shirt: Target (maternity, gifted), Boots: Miz Mooz, Earrings: Target, Necklace: Made by me!, Baby bump: 21w4d