Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Red Noses Go With Everything!

This was a hurried shoot, because nobody wants to see my parka every day. (Actually, I love my parka. It's from L.L. Bean and it's my favorite jacket ever...but it's not super fun to photograph every day.)

We had a two-hour delay today due to five inches of unexpected snow. Southern Colorado can be a little unpredictable - go figure. Nevertheless, my day was made better by the fact that I made up this new outfit. I've finally procured a pair of navy pants, which I think went well with my thrifted mustard sweater. I know, we were doing mustard last season...but I'm slow to catch up. And the thrift stores are slow(er) to absorb last season's cast-offs.

Sweater: Forever 21 (thrifted), Pants: Bella Vida (maternity pants from Ross), Shirt: Target (maternity, gifted), Boots: Miz Mooz, Earrings: Target, Necklace: Made by me!, Baby bump: 21w4d

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